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…looking into my son’s smiling eyes + seeing how is enjoying his carousel ride immensely, waving at his tita, + smiling + laughing all that time.  It makes all the trouble of braving the fiery hot Sunday afternoon just so we can take refuge in the mall, worth it!  I also noticed that he is so relaxed as the carousel goes round + round, gone are the traces of the scared baby who’d want to get down the ride after several minute into it, + as if to demonstrate, he’s also taken his hands off the handle bars a few times, of course I had to remind him to hold on to it, but nevertheless, it was one proud mommy moment, my son is growing up, indeed!

little children are truly the easiest to please, that is why I am thankful everyday that I have my not-so-little Jared, my little piece of heaven, my infinite source of happiness…



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