are you all geared up for earth hour?

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That is right, later tonight will be the highly-anticipated Earth Hour + I am encouraging you all to participate + do your little share in saving heal our Mother Earth, it is the only one we’ve got any way + we ought to do everything we can to help it heal. I am getting some candles + fans, to cool off the little man who really sweats profusely, ready. +, if in case we cannot make it to Ayala Triangle Gardens for the celebration tonight, we will have our own celebration here at home.

The I Will If You Will Campaign

If you’ve seen those status updates beginning with “I will if you will…” in your friends timeline, it only means they are participating in the campaign to challenge more people to do their share for the environment.

eco-friendly ideas, earth-friendly stuffs, earth hour

Here are a few of our own “I will..” updates:

  • I will lessen our hours in front of the tellie to save on electricity if some of our friends will sign up with the GreenPeace Save the Amazon Campaign {you can sign up here, too}
  • I will lessen our TV time if friends will bring their eco-bags to shop
  • I will play the Pocoyo Recycling game it they will plant a tree on my behalf
Not much really + am sure you can come up with a lot more better + cleverer ideas, but, ways to save the Earth need not be grand, see, + everyone can easily participate. It might be as simple as segregating your rubbish or re-purposing some of the things at home as your way of recycling them or turning off the faucet + using a glass while brushing. Even our little kiddos can participate + we can start by teaching them to make sure that piece of litter or candy wrapper makes it to the garbage bin.
Of course, we can all lend a hand by switching our lights off for an hour later on tonight. A little help goes a long way + we all do our share, am sure Mother Earth will be a lot happier.
So, are you geared up for Earth Hour? ūüėČ

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