beating the summer heat with chic modest dresses

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The scorching summer is on a roll, 34.7 degre Celsius yesterday, in fact, + it is high time we search for clever + creative ways to beat the summer heat! + one great way I can think of is donning those chic modest dresses. They are not called summer dresses, anyway, for nothing! + do you know why they are the favorite women fashion staple around this year? Here, read on:

  • They are the comfiest  to wear around this time of year, just make sure to go for the light fabric or cotton ones, which are most ideal in this weather
  • You can wear them to just about any occasion: a simple dinner with the hubby, a weekend get-away at the beach, a high school or college reunion!
  • There are unlimited designs to choose from + in the spirit of the fun summer vibe, opt for the pastel colored + the floral ones!
  • There is just one perfect design, cut + style for just about anyone, you can either opt for beautiful maxi dresses or choose those simple yet inspiring sundresses + if you’ve got a little girl, you can even go out in matching dresses! 🙂
I am so sold on modest dresses that I am planning to give it another try, now that my little bump has grown into one big + hyper toddler, + have actually ordered one summer dress online. I am just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. It is a yellow dress I plan to wear the next time my small family goes out for a swim. I will post about it as soon as it arrives! 🙂
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