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This mum, + my little man, need a break from the sweltering summer heat! A few days into this season + , the hot + humid afternoons are already making me long for the beach + a tall glass of green mango shake! The hot weather is also making Jared sniff + is now down with a mild cold :(

Yes, I am dreaming of a summer vacation, long endless hours lounging lazily by the shore, getting a tan, or building sandcastles with my son, away from the regular household chores that I need to tackle daily.  I actually have a few plans + ideas traversing in my head, but we’ve plotted nothing concrete + definite yet.

Oh if only I’ve got a mountain of money to spend on anything I wish for, I’d probably pack our travel bags + head on a tour around the world! Of course, I will bet my hands that our first stop will have to be Disneyland in Hong Kong, or since money is not a problem, Disney World in Orlando! My little man absolutely loves watching all these Disney characters that I am sure he will have the time of his life if he will see them come to life! I am sure the little man will also enjoy all the other Orlando Attractions, + we can also check out the hotels recommended on Orlandoescape so we will know where we’ll stay when we arrive!

Oh well, it is very nice to have these aspirations but I guess, this travel to top destinations will have to wait until Jared is a little bit bigger + our wallets a lot much fatter! In the meanwhile, a trip to the nearest beach or the nearest resort will suffice. ;)

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