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That this mum is a cheapskate is something I’d readily admit to, hands down! Not only have I been practical since I became a mother, but I also got conscious of how I’d spend the family money, discerning which things are priorities {like the little man’s needs + the basic needs around the house, bills to pay, + the likes} from mere wants {hobbies + the likes}.

Needless to say, I have also been very stingy when it comes to spending for my own. I hardly buy new stuff for myself, oh well, except for the regular stash of postcards I get from the bookstore whenever I find the opportunity, + will always be in the look out for special promos or discount sale whenever I buy new clothes + things. + did I mention I hardly buy new books, either? I get my supplies from online book shops that sell pre-loved novels + paperbacks at cheaper price. Or when needed, I’d only go for cheap cell phone cases, too.¬†Not only that, I have also given up on those expensive salon services + opt for the quality yet economical counterparts, just like what I did last weekend when we went to a local salon for a much-needed hair trim. I paid P200 for my sister’s + my haircut + a pedicure. What a deal! Had I been to one of those posh salons in the mall, I would’ve paid for much more ūüėČ

I guess it is very important that we keep tabs of our expenses + make it a point to save as much whenever we can. We can use the extra money to buy other more important things or add it up to our bank savings for emergency use in the future. Money does not grow on trees, after all, + it does pay to be money-wise!

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