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I have been planning to get my own printer since I found out about those free printables online. Through the worldwideweb, every mum has access to gazillions of free printables for just about any occasion:  teaching + instruction materials, coloring or activity pages for their little ones, thank you cards + greeting cards, casual wedding invitations, even. I have sampled some during my little man’s first birthday when we’ve printed out Pocoyo coloring pages for his little guests to color while waiting for the party to start. Although we never get to actually use the printed coloring pages as the place where our party was held provided their own activity pages for our guests, I still think it is a brilliant idea + will do it again the next  time we held a party or a playdate, perhaps, once the little man is sociable enough.

motherhood, parenting, tips + tricks, freebies, online resources for mums
another free printable my son will absolutely love!

In the meantime, I shall be searching for free instructional + educational printables on numbers + the alphabets, they will come handy once the little man started showing interest in doodling those letters and numbers. Of course, it will save me much to DIY those materials instead of getting stored-bought ones.

Don’t you just love the idea of free printables? Now you can DIY your birthday + wedding invitations, if in case you are in a budget, + still came up with something as nice + special as the ones found in stores + shops.

What are your two-cents about free printables? Let me know in a comment below, right? 😉

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  1. They’re awesome Vix! Been using them for ages..haha. well at least since the time we got a pc, printer & internet connection. 😉

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