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Ever since my son was big enough to tag along whenever we go out or attend an event, I make it a point that we come out dressed in matching colors. That is why I normally get him something which I can match with my existing stuffs or, if not, I’d buy something of my own to match his. That is why I am so delighted when my sister told me she got me this orange shirt a few weeks back. I do not have any orange stuff in my closet that is why I haven’t paired anything with my little man’s cool orange shirt! I was so excited to wear it that I washed it the next day + we are off in our matching orange shirts that weekend! 😀

Two Saturdays ago, we were able to wear the matching orange shirts again when we attended Expo Kid at the Rockwell Tent {check out my previous post about it}. We were not able to look around as much as we’d like as we arrived just in time for the HAPI homeschooling presentation. But, we managed to catch a children’s presentation of Hansel + Gretel, which the little man totally loved, he couldn’t tear his gaze from the stage. It left me with no choice but to stay there + watch the talented kids sing + dance, with those amazing outfits, to boot! It also left me with no chance to browse around some more.

It was a good thing, though, that I was able to buy the little man a new Firefly toothbrush {which I shall blog about soon} + a Cars2 magazine {which the little man is busy reading in the photo, see?} which he spotted at the ABS-CBN Publication booth. We have also snapped a few photos in front of the Cars2 standee, which I shall share with you as soon as I find the time! 😉

So, what do you think? Do we look good in orange or what? 🙂

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image credits go to my friend, Mommy Willa, by the way!


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