nice to know you wednesdays #15

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Nice To Know You Wednesdays, online q + a

Before I plunge into the chores that I need to be doing or head out to take the little man somewhere, first let me give you our 5 questions for another round of Nice To Know You Wednesdays + thank all the lovely participants of last week’s! 🙂


  1. What’s one song you dedicate to your child {or a loved one, in case you are still single :)}?
  2. What’s one thing most people do not know about you?
  3. How many tattoos do you have? If you have none, do you think of getting one?
  4. What’s the farthest-away place you’ve been?
  5. What do you do most when you are bored?


Nice To Know You Wednesdays, online q + a

  1. There are just way too many songs that I dedicate to my little man, including “Angel’s Lullaby” by Richard Marx, which I used to sing to him when he was still inside my tummy, “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis-Chapman, just to let him know I shall be around whenever he needs me, a whole lot of Incubus songs, too! 🙂
  2. That I am fond of talking to myself, not that my screws’ gone loose, I just do it to pass away the time on occasions. Oh, I also sing in the shower very often! 🙂
  3. Nada, but I intend to get some one day: an “OM” {pictured above} on top of my spinal column, “love” and “light” on my arm, + my son’s name on my back! Hopefully I can muster enough courage to go under the pins + needles to have this realized 😛
  4. The farthest I’ve been up north is Baguio + down south is Cebu.
  5. I mostly eat when I am bored, which explains my unsightly bulging mid-section, + I would love to curb the habit very soon!

Your turn to share your beautiful answers. Check out this page for the game rules + for badges, too!Don’t forget to link up + visit the other participants, too, there is only a handful of them, anyway! By the way, don’t forget to join our Lucky Day Giveaway, too, while you are here, just click on the lovely giveaway badge on the sidebar to direct you to the giveaway page 😉

Happy Mid-week + enjoy your day!

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  1. wow may meme pla n ganto 🙂 hays…busy busyhan n ang lola mo…ung mga meme ko d ko n n uodate 🙁

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