nurturing the love of reading in younger children

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my little man immersed in one of his books

I can go on + on about reading for hours + I will probably never run out of words to say {or adjectives to describe it, even}, it is one of my absolute loves, anyway, + even in my hectic schedule as a full time mum, I make it a point to read + finish at least one book a month. Those books help me relax + allow me to escape from the daily grind of motherhood even for just awhile + at a very minimal cost {I need to buy the books, remember? :)}.

Needless to say, I would really love for my little man to get into the habit as well, that is why I make it a habit to buy him books that are appropriate for his age. Apart from that, here are a few of the things I do to make sure the little man grows up to be a bookworm just like mum:

  • I make it a habit to read as often as I can myself, so the little man is always surrounded by reading materials, may that be books, magazines, Engagement announcements, + what-have-you’s
  • I teach by example that is why my little tot will always find me lounging in the sofa with a paperback in my hands during my down times
  • I buy him books to read + place them where he can easily get them whenever he wants to read one.
We mums ought to nurture the love of reading in our children, not only for the joy it will surely bring  them in later life, but also for the knowledge + the skills they will acquire in doing so. Know, too, that no age is sooner, or later, to start introducing the love of reading to them. I actually did when my toddler is just a little pea in my tummy, by reading him those Land Before Time tales before going to bed 😉

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  1. That’s so true Vix. I did it with both of my kids and they apparently seem to grow smart. Proven with the firstborn who was not only smart but also a deep thinker. 😉 As for the youngest, we’ll soon find out! 😛

  2. Introducing them to books,is indeed a good head start better than being exposed in TV and online games….Since I am a working Mom I am kinda guilty that TV has been my bunso’s yaya at times – since I really cant monitor him. But nevertheless I am glad that though he is exposed online/TV he has this fondness for books

    1. We are the same mommy Cielo, at times I’d left Jared in front of television just so I can do my laundry or get some other chores done. I also feel very guilty. My little mans has grown too fond of the tv! It was a good thing he still loves his book. But for now, am curbing on the tv time + would let him watch Peppa pig on our computer instead 😛

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