our bedroom needs a makeover

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I think our bedroom badly needs a makeover. Oh well, I know we’ve just moved in a few months back, but I really want to make the bedroom a little bit more interesting. Maybe I should re-arrange the furniture around or move the closet to a different spot. I am also seriously thinking of moving the computer from where it is now, simply because when opened, the light emanating from the monitor glows directly towards the bed, which might just disturb my already-sleeping little bundle of joy, whenever I tinker away at the computer late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. + I really ought to move the computer table into a corner Jared won’t notice much so he’d stop pulling anything that he can reach out of it.

If I could I would also probably invest on one of those twin over full bunk beds like that one in the photo, found on bunkbeds.net. They sure make perfect addition to any bedroom, don’t you think? The drawers can help me get rid of the clutter of books and what-nots here in our bedroom + they also make one perfect storage where the little man can stow his valuables away. The mattress is big enough to accommodate us + the top bunk will be great for nap times or for when mum needs to work on something + does not want to be disturbed. It can also be a perfect spot for the clothes that needs to be folded + put away but mum is too lazy to tackle them! 🙂 We can also make use of the 4-step stairs to practice Jared’s climbing skills before he tackles the real one downstairs. If only I can afford one! If you are luckier do check out the site now, they offer a wide array of bunk beds + futon beds you can choose from. Plus, they are now also offering free shipping + accepts Paypal payments, too. Also, if ever you have any pressing queries you can always try their live chat feature to talk to someone about it.

Oh well, apart from mooning about this wonderful bunk bed, I would also love to add a few beautiful photos on our bedroom wall + hopefully find the perfect material so that I can also put my little one’s name in woodblock letters somewhere around here + yes don’t forget another closet so I can keep all of mum’s stuffs in order. 🙂

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