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I have recently rediscovered Lenddo. I was invited by a mummy blogger friend, Trish, to join this interesting site a few months back. I have signed up as she requested but never really got the chance to explore the site further. Upon reading, though, I discovered that Lenddo might just be the next best thing to Paypal + earning online!

With a lofty goal to save the lives of millions, Lenddo initially aims to tap into members’ online reputation + networks to access financial assistance + services, especially in times of needs. If you happen to be a tech-savvy mum who is online most hours of the day, then, this site might just work wonders for you. All you have to do is make your online presence felt. Tap into your social media: Twitter, Facebook, email, + use your connections to build up your online reputation, thereby building your credentials to avail of a Lenddo educational loan or a Lenddo home repair loan, in the future. Anyone who creates a reputable online network + links qualifies for a loan, + what’s even better is you also help build that online reputation simply by just updating your Member Information, which includes adding your Contact, Financial + Employment data, which shall be used in your loan assessment later on.

Personally, I am thrilled at this opportunity, Lenddo not only gives us helpful money tips + other invaluable information, but it also gives us access to resources so that we might be able to have that chance of building that dream business in the future, or whatever plans we might have, just by building our online network today.

For a detailed discussion on how Lenddo works, check out this video:

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