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Slowly but surely I am able to realize one of the goals I have set out in the beginning of this year which is to find time for myself. Surprisingly, I finished reading a number of books which is even better than my one-book-each-month goal. I squeezed snuggling with my little precious book whenever the little man is asleep or preoccupied with his toys that he has no apparent need for mum, or sometimes when he is too immersed on his new fixation, the mickey mouse clubhouse, I’d sit in our bed with my head burrowed in whatever current paperback I am aiming to finish. So far, I have read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert + the new novel from one of my favorite writers, Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven, which are both interesting read I really had trouble putting them down whenever the pocket-me-time’s are up!

+ just this weekend, I finally had the chance to go to the salon to have my hair trimmed + my toe nails painted with this dainty pink nail polish! Am just glad the little man managed to stay put beside his tita while I got my haircut. When I was having my toenails painted he got bored + wanted to sit in mum’s lap, good thing he went back to tita when mum said she will be finished in a few minutes. Good boy! :)

I know it was not really the most ideal place for a toddler to lurk around, but a me-time with my little man in tow, can’t be that bad. Maybe I’d just push for a salon-time on my own, next time around, meanwhile, let me just revel in my pink fab toe nails! ;)


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