Top Three Revision Tactics

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  1. Mindmaps – A relatively new idea, mindmaps are totally different to the old styles of revision. The basic concept of a mindmap is that all the key points about a topic are displayed on one piece of paper. This is done by having a circle in the middle of the page with the topic title written in it, and lines stemming from the centre circle like spokes from a wheel. The line that joins the two words or phrases shows that there is a link between the two. It is possible, and often very helpful if there are two or more lines coming out from a particular word. This is because the more links developed between ideas, the easier they are to understand and remember. In the end it looks more like a simple spider’s web than a wheel with spokes. Also, in many subjects, marks are awarded for spotting and explaining similarities between different points and so mindmaps can help develop this skill as well. Another benefit is that everything is on one page; it makes revision easier because it condenses and highlights all elements of the subject matter. The mindmap cannot be the only technique done during revision as it is hard to convey complex ideas and argument on the page. However, as a starting point it is a brilliant method.
  2. Mnemonics – Sometimes understanding a topic is not enough, there is a need to remember facts, without any explanation required. Some people may be very logical, therefore finding the understanding part of the course very easy; however they may struggle with learning facts. A mnemonic is a great way to help learn dates, figures or equations. A mnemonic is a rhyme or poem that incorporates the facts. One technique is where the first letter of each word stands for another word, an example of this is mnemonic for remembering the order of the colours of the rainbow: Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. Each first letter stands for a colour, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. There are many examples available on the internet for common facts that need remembering but it can also be an advantage if the student creates their own one. Another type of mnemonic is just a normal rhyme or poem. An example of this is for remembering the equation for the circumference of a circle : Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, round their tum is pi times D. ( where D stands for diameter)
  3. Booster Sessions – Sometimes, no matter how hard a student tries to study, certain concepts will not be able to be understood without help from an outside professional. An affordable way to do this is revolution prep coupon.It is not only help with key ideas that can be gained from this process; confidence can be increased, which is vital for success in any exam. Another key point is the importance of exam technique; knowing what the exam board wants and how to convey that is crucial, without that key skill, the highest grades are unattainable.

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