best things to do this summer: enroll in a cooking class

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If you are a mum of school-aged kiddos, chances are you probably at your wits’ end trying to figure out interesting, not to mention fun + worthwhile, activities for the little ones to engage in while they take a break from early morning wake-up call, a whole-day school activities + tons of home works to finish later when they come home from school. Now that school’s left a considerable amount of free time in their hands, I am sure they will bug you every so often for worthwhile activities to do to combat their boredom. If your kid happened to be a little keen on food {who’s not, really?}, you might want to suggest enrolling him in a cooking class. You will not only be sending him into an activity to keep him occupied throughout summer but to something that will enable him to:
  • learn a life skill that he can use in later years
  • learn Math through measuring ingredients
  • + gain new friends, too!
Plus, if he is a big fan of the recently-concluded Pinoy Junior Master Chef, I bet he will really enjoy donning a chef jacket + working in an environment where these modern-day heroes + celebrities breathe + live! It will not only give him the experience to be a chef for the duration of his summer classes, but as well as give him a bird’s eye view of how things workout out in a chef’s workplace, thereby instilling in him the values of discipline, creativity, punctuality, being a team player, + cleanliness, not to mention the cooking skills, which would all come in handy in case he decided to be a real chef when he gets bigger.
I bet he will come home after a day’s lesson with loads of funny + interesting stories to share, + do not forget some of the food he prepared in class for you to sample, too! He will have loads of fun, summer will zoom by like a gentle breeze. 🙂
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  1. My daughter went to table tennis lessons 2 weeks ago, and next week, she starts with art classes. Yes, I do try to keep her busy as much as possible.

    A cooking class will definitely be on my list for her summer activities next year 🙂

    1. look who’s having a busy summer? I cannot wait for my little man to be big enough so I can enroll him to soccer, taekwondo + swimming lessons + a bit of piano + drums, too! maybe I should start saving for the fees now! 😀

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