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Ever since I can remember summer is actually the most fun season of the year, not only for the endless sunshine + good weather but also because there is no school! Now that I am a stay-at-home mum, it is practically summer vacation every single day, but it does not mean I do not look forward to the long summer days itself. There are still so much fun to be had + I cannot wait to start.

If truth be told, + if only my purse will allow me, Jared + I will probably in a different town every weekend, but since I cannot afford it much, here are a few of the things I would love for me + the little man to do this season.

  • hit the beach – nothing beats a good dip in the cold beach water to beat the summer heat +I cannot wait for us to go to one very soon.
  • visit a museum – apart from being a very interesting place to visit, my little tot will be truly entertained to see all those new + interesting stuff, plus, he might also learn a thing or two.
  • fix the pool – time again to pitch that inflatable pool for endless summer fun. Am just waiting for the little man’s cough + colds to abate before I do exactly that! 😉
  • watercolor painting – I cannot wait for the little one to try this + make cool masterpieces of his own. I’ve bought him some arts ‘n crafts supplies a few weeks back + I cannot wait for him to use them. So far, he’s show interest with the safety scissors + the soccer ball-shaped erasers his tita bought in a whim. Hopefully, the little man will be interested in trying out the watercolor, too!
  • fly a kite – this is something I enjoyed doing as a kid + would love for my tot to experience, too!
  • visit a park – apart from the fact that it will cost you very little, there is also much fun to be had when you do. You can pack some snacks + have an instant picnic in the park, too, plus there is loads of ground for your little one to cover + explore.

This list can go on forever, but there is only too much space available here. Besides, I need to do some research on those swanky condos downtown austin-located + those plush and opulent austin luxury condos for an article. I will just probably need to sit down + list the numerous activities I would love for us to do this season so I won’t forget them.

What are your fun plans for this summer? 😉

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