happy easter everyone!

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The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise. Carl Knudsen
While everyone else is flocking to their respective Easter Egg Hunt activities this morning, the little man is engrossed with yet another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode + simply refuse to take a bath. I have been meaning to bring him along to the mall today + check out whatever Easter-related activities they might have + thought we’d join the fun. But, it seems like the little man has another plan, besides, he is also nursing a bit of coughs + colds, that I might just opt for us to stay at home so he can have enough rest + just relax while playing with his toy cars.
Even if our Easter plans will not push through, I see no reason why I shouldn’t greet you all a “Happy Easter!” It is one occasion that brings hope to all of us + I would really love that we celebrate with you, but, am going to have to settle with what’s ahead + probably check out what’s on the tellie today, instead. I have found a lot of interesting local + foreign, albeit translated to Filipino, movies the past few days + I realized how much I love doing this + being a couch potato. So, I’d probably check out in a while + see what mum + the little man can watch.

Happy Easter everyone + I hope you are having a great one! 😉

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