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Ever since I became a mum, I have always been fascinated about homeschooling + dreamed of homeschooling my little man one day. I do not know much about educating little children, all I know is that I am a mum who would love to teach her little one way before he goes to the big school, to teach him the essentials + the basics at home before he learns it from other people. + hopefully, I can home school him through out his elementary school days!

I have witnessed a number of parent-homeschooler in the EXPO Kid last month + I have really been moved by their passion + yearn to do the same for my kiddo. Jared is almost 3, + I believe that now is probably the right time we start our little home school. + I am doing my homework + checked out loads of homeschooling resources online just to get a bird’s eye view of how it truly works and, simply put, to know where to start + know which things to teach my little tot!

I have stumbled upon these very interesting sites which I shall be sharing with you in the future. They have loads of posts, instructions, tips + free printables to aid our homeschooling journey. One even has a blow-by-blow account of how their homeschooling go about in a day just to give her readers a clear picture of how interesting + amusing it is to educate your children by yourself + I am loving every bit of this! I am really having information-overload + is just overwhelmed at the amount of things to do + learn. But, I do hope I will be able to get over the initial shock + jump-start our class very soon. Thank goodness for the world wide web, it has been a goldmine for relevant information on blogging, motherhood, + a whole lot more. Now I am learning all these new things on homeschooling too, + I do not even need to spend money on homeschooling books so I can spend it on other important things like homeschooling supplies! 😉

As a minor preparation, I bought a few arts ‘n crafts supplies the last time we visited the bookstore a few weeks back. I got the little man a new set of crayons, a bunch of cute soccer ball erasers {which he now plays + counts + puts on his toy cars as passengers sometimes, too!}, a pair of blue safety scissors for the little hands to get busy + a drawing book where he can create numerous doodles when he feels like it!

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  1. Am also contemplating homeschooling my girl Vix because whenever I ask her, “Do you want to go to school baby?” She constantly replies, “No, no, house lang!” Though I always bring her along whenever her Kuya has activities in school, I can’t see she’s keen to go and if she’s going, it’s gonna be next year already. 😛

  2. since dindin was born, we had already contemplated homeschooling. but i am not sure if i am a good enough teacher for dindin. inis lang ako at wala akong suporta sa family and kakilala. they prefer conventional schools. so ewan ko ba.

    1. We are on the same boat mommy. Most of my family, especially Jared’s dad, is not really that open to homeschooling. But, we are the mothers after all + we know what is best for our kiddos, diba? 😉

  3. di ko talaga kaya ang homeschool. I know its not for me pero i think mas kaya mo kaysa sa akin. Arts and Crafts is a great way to start.

    1. am seriously considering it sis, anyway, nag-iisa naman ang binata ko so I have more opportunity to focus on him + bond with him, too!

  4. Yeah I think now a days home schooling is the alternative for real schools, before home schooling was just done for kids living in far or secluded areas but now most parents home school their children because of school bullies.

    1. I guess I have to agree with you, not to mention the other bad values + habits a child might pick up from outside, they are really enough to scare the living daylights out of any parents…

    1. it does + the more I read about it, the more I am convinced. You are one of my inspirations in homeschooling my little man, I think I still have a year or two to decide but I am really so keen on getting on with it! Thank you for the inspiration, mommy! 🙂

  5. not a mom yet but it’s seems really hard to be a mother. but it is great to know that you have budgeted your money wisely and used it to buy school supplies instead 🙂

  6. Home schooling maybe the current trend especially for young kids. My only worry is when they are to enter the university/college, it maybe become a shocking experience to enter the natural world. Therefore home schooling, as good as it is should be supplemented with real world.

    1. homeschool children actually spend time interacting with other kids that are homeschooled during weekends, they are exposed to the real world in various ways, too. i have the same worries, especially for my child who is an only child, but after I listened to the HAPI homeschooling talk, I was newly converted!:)

  7. Homeschooling is pretty much the new thing for kids today. As a parent, if we can be creative about it, for sure kids will love it.

    1. it has actually been alive longer than we actually realize, back in the times of famous writers like Emily + Charles Dickens, + even in Mozart’s time 🙂

    1. it is not that popular in our country but it did gain a lot of popularity over a span of few years! 🙂

  8. I used to want to be homeschooled when I got to college 😀 I haven’t really looked into it yet, but who knows someday I’ll have my kids homeschooled 😀

  9. i love this post.i have been interested in homeschooling my baby in the future since my mommy friend introduced me this.hopefully i may find a good institution…keep me posted please…

  10. i have considered homeschooling, too. but, then, hubby is kind of reluctant saying we might let the kids experience going to school,be sociable, adapt with highs and lows being in a classroom, and make prudent decisions when faced with school dilemmas.

  11. I homeschooled my daughter and I Loved it and I may do so with my son. You will need books for him to read though so check out my Usborne Books site where you can earn $50 in free books. and if you like you could do either a E Party or a fundraiser and earn some of the items you will need.

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