interesting motherhood quotes

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motherhood, motherhood quotes

I know I have not been able to update this blog as much as I want to, blame it on my rambunctious little man, who seem to have made it his personal goal to see mum spend less time in front of the computer, or to the endless home chores, or more appropriately, to my faulty internet connection {it has been acting up for more than 2 weeks now, that’s despite having visited by the telecoms’ technical team three times, mind you} which can really take its toll on my creative juices. Anyways, I hope everything will be sorted out soon + I shall be churning more interesting post in no time {I hope}.

motherhood, motherhood quotes

Meanwhile, let me leave you with these 2 interesting motherhood quotes I’ve stumbled upon while meandering through Pinterest awhile back. I must agree, motherhood is indeed a blessing, the best blessing I’ve got in this life, in fact, + I bet every mum out there will all agree! 😉

The little man + mum will be out today for a day of exploration + a play date with my mummy friend, Moi + his adorable tot, Rylan {who’ve been Jared’s friend since they were still inside our tummies :)}, + I am so looking forward to it! Will be back later tonight with Nice To Know You Wednesday, then. See you!

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  1. Internet is so not dependable. You might want to consider going back to the basic Vix…meaning journaling manually so you won’t lose those precious creative juices. 🙂 (which you can do beside the little man lest he grabs it and really want you for himself 😉 )

    Motherhood…hmmm, I think I was born for it. What with my sooon-to-be three jewels, I never thought I would have three hearts going out of my body. 😛

    Thank you for the lovely thoughts…

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