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I must admit I am not a good cook, I did not inherit even a third of my Mama’s cooking prowess, + having a picky eater toddler does not make things any easier for me. I get those kitchen elbow grease on a daily basis preparing  the dishes I can create {which are only just a handful, really!}, but, sometimes, even I get tired of my own cooking + my taste buds clamor for exciting new tastes. I bet if my little picky eater of a toddler can air his concern, he would definitely say the same thing.

See, I only alternate too few dishes including ground beef with potatoes, ampalaya with egg, nilaga, sinigang, the occasional monggo  + the fried pork chop, fish or hotdogs {my son’s favorite} staple. I know my cooking skills do not look so promising + I have a very dismal menu, that is why I am hoping to hone these skills so I can start dishing out those nutritious + delicious meals that my little man will enjoy. If only I could enroll in a cooking class now, I would!

It was a good thing, though, that there are loads of food/recipe blogs online which I can browse through for cooking inspiration + much-needed instructions. One of which is Filipino Food Recipes. A few months back, a certain spark of inspiration to search for a recipe for paksiw na bangus led me to this blog. This dish is one of my all-time favorites + I really miss the way my Mama cooks it! + what do you know, mine tasted almost exactly like hers. Even my sister agreed!

I never thought cooking paksiw can be this easy. Check out the recipe so you will know exactly what I mean. I also intend to check the site for more recipes of dishes I can cook for my little man the next time I set foot on our diminutive kitchen.

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  1. Way to go Vix! Did you know the first time I cooked was after we were married?! Boy, that was so scary!!! 😀 I kept calling my aunt to ask how to cook this and that.

    But the help of Food Network, Spoon, and other tv cooking shows, cookbooks and yes, later on, The Web, cooking comes easy peasy now except when the dish is new to me or I am on the experimental mood.

    1. i have to write the recipes down cause I am really quite forgetful! 😀 I also watched loads of cooking shows in the past, I am scrimping, though, so I am shying away from cookbooks + food magazines. I am planning to compile recipes online+ create my own D-I-Y cookbook! 🙂

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