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my red mommylicious shirt from samu’t sari

i won, giveaway winnings

I won this fab red shirt from Samu’t Sari’s Blogversary Blowout giveaway last year. I got the shirt in January + I was not able to share it sooner. It does say “Mommylicious,” how cool is that? I am not really a big fan of any article of clothing in red, since it is not really one of my favorite colors, plus I find it a tad uncomfortable to wear, that is why I am fond of light + pastel colors, instead. ┬áBut this lovely shirt changed all that. I love the fabric + even if it is red, it is very comfortable + cool to wear. Plus, it fits me perfectly + is now one of my favorite shirts to wear! :)

Thank you, Mummy Eihdra for this mommylicious shirt! :) Thought I’d share this with Red Hot Thursdays, my first time to join. ;)


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