Alternative Things To Do Online

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Have you ever been sat in front of a computer bored, possibly at work or even at home and you have been  staring at the screen for too long thinking of what interesting thing to do? You have changed your Facebook status for the nth time today and changing it anew will start to become a bore. I also know that you love updating your blogs and doing your normal routine and all, but everyone needs a break at some point, right? Well, here are a few things that you could do to have a little fun and break away from the bane and boon of online working.

  • Discover something new ~ have you ever tried Googlewhacking? It is becoming popular as many people use the world’s best search engine for fun. The idea is to type two different words into Google that will produce from its billions of pages, just one result. The words you type in must be in Google’s own dictionary. Neat, right? 
  • Visit a random site ~ I know you probably have way too many favorite sites but, just for kicks, why not try something out of the ordinary and visit an entirely random site like the NASA site, for example, where you can peruse the archives of past moon landings, the first rocket in space or even just find some random facts out about the universe. The idea is to be as random as possible. Simply break from the normal sites you’d usually check out, you just might never know what surprises await you or what exciting and cool stuff you might find. 
  • Play Online Games ~ There are fun games you can try to while away a few hours on. If you are looking for something more serious then there are always the online casinos or bingo sites that are out there, many may offer free bets or promotional discounts to entice you onto the sites.
  • Retail Therapy ~ With many of the high street stores heading online now a days then there is always time for you to stop and have a bit of retail therapy, even if you don’t buy anything then you can simply bookmark the site and look again later when you may have more money or time. Even e-bay bidding can be quite contagious when you get the chance to try it. Buying things online is also good as you can compare the prices much more easily than if you were on the high street.
  • Learn New ThingsIf you have access to the internet, then why not think about learning new things. You can learn how to prepare a new recipe, or play a musical instrument by watching those clever tutorials on youtube, learn new languages, or learn all about computer programs or just find a site about a craft and think about recreating something, perhaps. Above all the, internet is a vast array of information that can be crawled using such search engines as Google and Bing and for each search you are bound to find something different each time.
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my red mommylicious shirt from samu’t sari

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I won this fab red shirt from Samu’t Sari’s Blogversary Blowout giveaway last year. I got the shirt in January + I was not able to share it sooner. It does say “Mommylicious,” how cool is that? I am not really a big fan of any article of clothing in red, since it is not really one of my favorite colors, plus I find it a tad uncomfortable to wear, that is why I am fond of light + pastel colors, instead.  But this lovely shirt changed all that. I love the fabric + even if it is red, it is very comfortable + cool to wear. Plus, it fits me perfectly + is now one of my favorite shirts to wear! 🙂

Thank you, Mummy Eihdra for this mommylicious shirt! 🙂 Thought I’d share this with Red Hot Thursdays, my first time to join. 😉


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considering a career in dental health?

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Now more than ever, people are putting stocks in their oral hygiene. Our teeth, after all, contributes to another person’s first impression of us, + I bet we all love to make a good one. It’s not only the models and Hollywood actors and actresses who needs to flash those winsome smiles all the time, I believe each of us should consider joining the band wagon.

A healthy set of pearly whites is also a must for mums like me, otherwise, I will never have the gall to kiss my little man on his lips every time I’d love to. I wouldn’t like the thought of passing germs + bacteria from my mouth to his whenever I do this, right? That would definitely scare the living day lights out of me! That is why I need to brush my teeth three times a day, gargle with a mouthwash regularly + yes, visit my dentist at least once a year. Which reminds me that I haven’t done it in a while + today is just a great time to do it. Oh, I must put that in my to-do list before this month ends.

Needless to say, many people also showing more interests to venture into a dental health profession. What with the growing number of people who require dental braces, oral prophylaxis, + the likes, this branch of medicine is becoming more popular by the day + the rate of students taking these dental courses in College is also ballooning every single day. + if you happen to one of those dental professionals currently looking for a career, you might as well check out Western Dental. I bet you would love to be part of highly-qualified professionals who aim to provide their patients with the ultimate experience at affordable prices. I bet you will also find their state-of-the art facilities + their largest Quality Management to work to your advantage. Do keep in touch with them using their email found on the site, for more information + find yourself one step away from that fulfilling job you have always wanted! 🙂

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