fired up for summer 4 kindle fires giveaway

Are you having summer fun yet? Here’s another fantastic giveaway to make your summer even better. Freebie Shark, American Family, Coupon Pro, and Mark Your Savings with E have teamed up with Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom and a group of AWESOME bloggers  {this mum included ;)} to bring you not just 1, but 4 CHANCES to win a Kindle Fire! That is right, 4 Kindle Fires are up for grabs in this colossal giveaway! We have taken all the work out of the rafflecopter and made this as easy peasy as possible ? So what are you waiting for? GO!!!! Good luck!

Note: This giveaway is not affiliated with Twitter, Facebook,  or Pinterest in any way. You must be 18 years of age to enter to win. This giveaway is open worldwide. Freebie Shark, American Family, Coupon Pro, and Mark Your Savings with E are responsible for the distribution of the prizes. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your prize.

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my curious little boy

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My little boy is growing up way too fast + little by little he is showing more interest in his surroundings apart from his toy cars + his books. In fact, he would often ask me to open the door leading to the second-floor terrace so he can go out each morning + observe the scenery below: the birds on the neighbor’s rooftop, the cars + tricycles zooming by the house, the little children wading in their inflatable pool next door. He is also quick to point at the dog who is barking in the street or when the stray cat in the garage is purring to greet him “good morning.” Such a curious little boy + I am only delighted to encourage him more as curiosity is a sure sign that he enjoys + loves to learn, which will do him well in school later on.

I am sure one day soon I would be tasked to teach him Math + Sciences + I would like to be up for the job. I will teach him what I know + am sure I need to read a lot when it comes to numbers, but I hope I will be able to teach him well. I would love to instill in him the love of learning as it will benefit him, not only when he goes to school but also later on in life. Am sure it won’t be too long now until he asks me all those endless questions or all about compressor oil or how an air compressor filter works + loads of other interesting + mind-boggling questions + when the time comes, I pray I have all the patience, + knowledge to go with it, to answer each of his every query! 😉

Here’s my action-plan when the little man starts to be inquisitive:

  • answer each question as honestly + accurately as possible
  • encourage him to learn more by asking him questions, too
  • read, read, read!

How are you bracing yourself to teaching your little ones to learn?

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happy easter everyone!

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The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise. Carl Knudsen
While everyone else is flocking to their respective Easter Egg Hunt activities this morning, the little man is engrossed with yet another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode + simply refuse to take a bath. I have been meaning to bring him along to the mall today + check out whatever Easter-related activities they might have + thought we’d join the fun. But, it seems like the little man has another plan, besides, he is also nursing a bit of coughs + colds, that I might just opt for us to stay at home so he can have enough rest + just relax while playing with his toy cars.
Even if our Easter plans will not push through, I see no reason why I shouldn’t greet you all a “Happy Easter!” It is one occasion that brings hope to all of us + I would really love that we celebrate with you, but, am going to have to settle with what’s ahead + probably check out what’s on the tellie today, instead. I have found a lot of interesting local + foreign, albeit translated to Filipino, movies the past few days + I realized how much I love doing this + being a couch potato. So, I’d probably check out in a while + see what mum + the little man can watch.

Happy Easter everyone + I hope you are having a great one! 😉

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