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Each one of us aims to have a peaceful + comfortable life come retirement years, that is why it is not a problem to us now if we beat all the endless deadlines + work doubly hard. Anything we can do to make sure our families will have a bright future, right? Even work/stay-at-home-mums like me also has these ideas in mind that is why we also look for alternative ways to secure our future even without a conventional 9-5 job to speak of.

Here are a few things that came up when I think about my retirement + my possible life when I am in my 60’s:

  • Update my Social Security System {SSS} contributions ~ I have been a member for a long time now, until I decided to quit my former job. I am actually just about 18 contributions shy to qualify for a monthly pension come my retirement age. It has been my goal to update my contributions ever since I found out I can still earn while I stay home to look after my little toddler, I have actually been to their local office twice + asked for a contribution form, but did not get around to actually paying due to the long queues. I shall visit the place again before the month end + update my contributions. I must! 
  • Setting up my own bank account ~ as of now, I have only opened a bank account for the little man, which I have managed to update with a deposit regularly for more than a year now. Hopefully, I can find the time, not to mention the budget for it, so I can set up another bank account, under my name this time. 
  • Investing on mutual funds ~ local banks now are offering their depositors to invest on mutual funds at a much affordable cost. This is also included in my agenda the next time I visit Jared’s bank to deposit some funds on his account
  • Getting a funeral plan ~ I am contemplating on getting a plan with St. Peter’s, you pay for the premium for 5 years + you shall be covered in case something untoward happens. I guess, as mums, we would like to think ahead of ourselves + would love to leave this world with as little as trouble on our children as possible. With a funeral, + a memorial plan to go with it, you can be sure that your loved ones will have the smoothest transition + will be left with enough time to deal with the loss without worrying about anything else.
  • Trust fund + educational fund for your children ~ although, a lot of educational fund providers in the company have closed or have issues to settle as of late, it is still best to invest in one as early as possible so you can have your children’s education covered. The best alternative I can think of is to set up a trust fund solely for my child’s College tuition.
If you happen to be a government employee, or a military veteran, the government also has programs, including pensions + other benefits, to support you + your family throughout your retirement age. You can also check out this for for more assistance. They offer va mortgage loan for veterans even when you won’t qualify with other loan companies. It is spearheaded by a US Air Force veteran himself, who understands you the most! This site is also backed-up by accolades for excellence in costumer service, so you will know you are in safe hands. You can even call them to inquire for the location nearest you or submit your application online for a hassle-free transaction.

Securing our future + that of our families’ must be one of our top priorities. What are you doing now to secure yours? 🙂

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  1. i have 3 out 5 in your list but I agree with all the 5 things we need to prepare before retirement.:) I will work out the other 2 as soon as i have the resources to complete it.:)

  2. Securing our future right now is a good start. This way, we don’t have to worry about ourselves and family from day to day.

  3. the things you have listed above, are the very important things a parent should have:) I have some of them, and I am still planning for the rest:)

  4. ..ako as in back to Zero talaga know being alone raising Iris + my sister Kiana is with me.
    As of now I start investing sa real estate..sosyal! real estate talaga. i mean me and my friend invest sa lupa instead of saving the money sa bank. Mas malaki ang tubo sa lupa.
    I also plan to invest in a mutual fund. INstead naman na yung savings ko for Iris sa bank dun ko na lang dagdag paunti2 sa MF. And since I work naman complete benefit naman ako sa SSS, PHIC at PagIbig.
    Gusto ko yang funeral na yan. Tama ka, para di masyadong hassle.

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