prelude to the preggie ward reunion

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Pregnancy has been one of the most profound and enjoyable part of my life, apart from all the beautiful changes taking place in my body {I am a beautiful pregnant, or so they say, and I particularly loved the cleavage! ;)}, what could top the feeling of having your baby kick and move around inside your tummy, right? It was one of the most things I miss after I gave birth.

There are hard times, of course, and don’t ever forget the morning sickness which turned out to be round-the-clock sickness since I get to be sick at any time of day, regardless if it’s day or night. It would have all been a one-woman struggle and the days would have been a tad boring and uneventful if I have not found these beautiful, not to mention very-pregnant, too, women!

See, in my previous place of work, a call centre {yes, it was not misspelled as we work in a UK-based one}, as consideration to women in the family way, they’d let you opt for the best schedule, in the early hours of the morning, mind you {which is a gift in itself as most of the shifts at work begins at 1pm!} to suit the morning sickness and your pregnant body’s demands, as well as allow you to get enough sleep at nights. There are also lesser calls at these times as it was already midnight in the UK by then. So instead of getting the usual work loads, and the usual calls requesting for common listings for locksmiths in Nottingham or a plasterer in Birmingham, we’d normally get calls asking for 24-hour takeaways or restaurants. The worse thing you can get is a drunk caller looking for an escort service, who’d say a litany of expletives before even recalling the name of the business he was looking for in the first place. I would normally cringe at this and worry that my little man’s delicate ears will here the not-so-pleasant words! 😀

Oh, sorry for being a bit nostalgic today. I miss my old workplace and my workmates, I guess, and I also had my reasons, apart from missing our preggie ward so much, you know. ‘Cause last week I had a fun play date with my preggie ward-mate, Moi and our little men. We purchased this online promo for Fun Ranch a few weeks back and decided to use our vouchers last week. A best decision, really, as Jared and Rylan had a blast playing with each other, trying out the slides and roaming around the playground. We did not get to chat much, though, since they arrived a bit late due to traffic, and we were early coming from another event prior to our play date, plus the boys cannot wait to play, it was really nice seeing her again and I hope we’ll be able to do it again with all our other preggie ward-mates very soon! 🙂

photo credits go to Mommy Moi 🙂

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    1. I was but I had to give up the job in favor of a much more fulfilling one ~ full-time motherhood! 🙂

      Maybe we can have a play date there one time, too! 🙂

  1. nakaka-miss talaga pag preggy sis. kung hindi lang mahirap manganak at magastos ang mag-baby, buntis ako every year…chos! hehe.
    i was also working sa call center at night shift pa din when I was pregnant with my youngest, kaya it was really hard. ka-miss din mag-work talaga, but of course, priority natin mga kids. 🙂
    it’s good to know that you had fun with Jared and your friend. 🙂

    1. so true, sis! if only our pockets can afford it diba? + we do now have to worry about future expenses like College educations + vaccines, diapers + milk! 😀

      that is right, the kids are our priority, kaya even if i really do not want to give up working, i did without batting an eyelash for my little man! 🙂

  2. I thought this post is dedicated to me! 😀
    Pregnancy is indeed one of the most amazing experiences women can ever get into aside from motherhood itself.

    That must be a very nice and considerate company, having a preggie ward. And I think it’s so cute when you see bumpy women working together, well not when they fall asleep altogether at work! 😆

    1. you are one of my inspirations, really, so go ahead + indulge yourself! 🙂

      it is! people everywhere are getting a kick seeing all of us preggy women at the same time + we did fall asleep at work, too, just not at the same time, some has to stay up as lookouts, in case a big boss decides to roam around! 😀

  3. hi mommy vix! musta naman?..
    ako na-miss ko na din yung preggy ako..hehehe..
    pero i dont think I had the guts na magbuntis na uli.
    una kasi la naman akong bf! hahaha..and if ever ayoko pa rin..unless siguro mag asawa ako..

    1. hello, sis! okay naman, ikaw ang kumusta? 🙂

      ako, i’d love to have a baby girl, but i do not think i can afford it right now! 🙂
      don’t worry sis, time will come + the right person will come for you..let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  4. Miss our preggy days mummy Vix,
    I miss the chit-chats, foods (at the office on our stations & food hunting 🙂
    More playdates with our kiddos and hopefully other will come. I miss everyone 🙂

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