another round of gift ideas for men on father’s day

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Yesterday I have shared a few gift ideas for men in time for Father’s Day + here are a few more items you might want to consider gifting the most important man in your life on his big day:

  • A new shaving kit can very well be one of the best gifts you might give Dad, as shaving is one of the things he does everyday + updating his shaving kit, + throwing in a bottle of a luxurious shaving oil can be a sure-fire way to jump start his day! 
  • You can print personalized greeting cards + let the little ones scribble their sweet notes for Dad! For the babies who cannot doodle just yet, you can try stamping these cards with their hand or footprints, I bet dad will love this!
  • Let dad take a breather from the hard day’s work by chilling a few bottles of his favorite drinks in the ref + serving them to him when he’s home. You can also decorate these bottles with colorful Father’s Day printables to make them more appealing to the man of the house.
  • For your bookworm dad, a copy or two of his favorite paperbacks will be very much appreciated. Wrap them in colorful papers + attach your personalized note for a complete beautiful package. 
  • Tickets to Sunday’s basketball or baseball game also sounds like a wonderful gift idea for Dad. I bet he will have a splendid time outdoors + witnessing his favorite team win the game!
I am sure you can think of a dozen more ideas on what to give your Dad this Father’s Day + I’d love to read about it in a comment below! 🙂

This is a sponsored post for the Art of Shaving, all the points and views are my own, however.

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