A Day In The Life Of Mum: Anti-biotics + Pain Reliever Morning

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If there is one thing I really hate it will have to be waking up at the wrong side of the bed + feeling ill early in the morning. Mums are not allowed to be sick + we are not suppose to get sick what with all the 24/7 responsibilities we keep day in and day out!

Sunday morning was one of those rare {thank God!} mornings when I wake up a bit off, I felt a tinge of pain in my left jaw which I automatically thought as a result of a swelling lymph node due to my recurring ear problems. The pain was becoming uncomfortable,and so I found myself reading articles on CFAH.org explaining how CBD oil can be effective when used to alleviate pain. I have been overly picking my ear which resulted to it being dry + itchy, I guess. I was also thinking it happened once a few weeks’ back, too, + the pain was gone the next day, so there is really no cause to worry or to panic! I went about with my affairs for the day + even managed to do a week’s worth of laundry later in the afternoon, after the little man felt a bit better {he was feeling rather ill, too, nursing a high fever}.

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Fast forward to Tuesday morning, the pain in my left jaw persisted + I woke up to the intolerable pain I had to drag myself up so I can have a quick shower + go to the hospital. It was a good thing my sister agreed to take over the childminding duties for the morning. The EENT was not in that day,so the hospital receptionist referred me to one of their resident internist. Upon quick physical examination + a brief interview, the doctor prescribed that I go to the laboratory to have my blood examined. My CBC result was out after almost an hour + I quickly returned to the doctor to have it read.

Turned out the result is all normal + the doctor ruled out a viral or a bacterial infection, or mumps in causing this swelling jaw. He told me to take antibiotics for 7 days + pain reliever when needed. I was also told to visit the EENT after 3 days if the swelling does not abate. I have been meaning to visit one since this year started to have my ears checked but this jaw caught up with me!

Oh well, I am just hoping my jaw will get better after I take these meds. I hope you wish me well, too.

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