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Time does fly! What do you know, it is the end of another month + the beginning of yet another. We’ll be half-way through the year before we are even aware of it! + in comes the beautiful month of May, the mum month, if you will, as we shall be celebrating Mother’s Day in a few week’s time. + just before this month caught me unawares again, allow me to say thanks to everyone who has been regularly taking time to visit + leave their beautiful comments! Thank you so much to mumwritesapril top 10 commentators:

Reese (6)

 Lizzie (3)

The Pepperrific Life (3)

 zoan (3)

 bedalyn (2)

 Gerilen (2)

 Glenda Cates (2)

 jem alvarado (2)

 Jessica Cassidy (2)

 leira (2)

Thank you so much ladies for all your wonderful comments, they do make the daily stay-at-home-mum grind a tad better. Reese‘s badge shall be up for yet another month on my sidebar as a way of saying my heart-felt thanks! 🙂

This month ought to prove interesting. I have a number of product reviews/giveaways coming up + I cannot wait to share them all with you, so I do hope you all watch out for that. Of course, I do hope I’d find the time of day to update this blog regularly in between changing my little man’s diapers, attempting our little “homeschooling my tot” project, + squeezing in a bunch of summer activities, too!

See you around + here’s wishing the merry month of May treats you the best! 😉

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