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You are very much aware that CRM software works wonder, especially when you are running a small business. Of course, it can cost you money and you might have a hard time deciding to spend a considerable amount of your small business’ capital on it. Oh well, you are in for a treat as I shall be sharing with you a small “bizhack” that you might find useful ~ This is a new social intranet startup that offers free CRM software to contractors, budding solo entrepreneurs and small-scale companies that have up to 12 employees. And since it’s online, you can have access to it any time, 24/7.

So how does free CRM from Bitrix24 works? Firstly, it creates a database of all your clients and prospects that are easily sorted by chronological events which could either be a phone call or meeting, perhaps. In comes the sales funnel which then divides your clients into logical groups – new prospects, first contact, requested quote, scheduled meeting, negotiations and sales. This funnel can be customized depending your preference and needs, by the way.

Bitrix24 free CRM is also designed with easy client-interactions in mind. You can send an e-mail to a certain group (like new prospects), for example, as well as import or export any client information, like phone numbers of clients that have been inactive for over 6 month, for instance.

But, wait there is more! With this free CRM you can also assign designations and roles to your employees, which can really be quite handy when every sales person in the marketing department is responsible only for his or her prospects, while the department supervisor or business owner needs to have access to all data.

You can even integrate your website with this CRM if necessary, so every time a sales lead is generated on your website, it automatically feeds into Bitrix Free CRM. For more information about available features you can check it out here

Once again, the system is 100% free if your company has 12 employees or less, and it’s only $99 a month, if your sales force is bigger. And, it should be noted, that free online CRM is only one of the features available – there’s also instant messenger, task planner, project manager, scheduler, and other online tools that help your business grow.

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