Mother's Day, gift ideas for Mother's Day, tips + tricks

Today is the day we celebrate the dear women in our lives ~ our mums! It is that time to thank them for all the wonderful things they have done for us, from the menial tasks of preparing our breakfast + doing our laundry, to the thoughtful, loving ways they show how much special they are. If my Mama was around, I would have given her anything she asks me for, yes, anything, even one of those Austin condos, if I can afford it!

Am sure you have your gifts + surprises neatly wrapped and ready for mum today. It does not really matter whether you chose to give her a special dinner in a fancy restaurant or opted to give her a bottle of her expensive perfume to replace the one she’s had for more than a year now, or go for something extra special + expensive like a fancy jewelry or a nice pair of shoes, or probably a day of pampering at her favorite spa or salon, which you mum will definitely appreciate + enjoy. Am sure mum will equally appreciate each of them + will gladly accept them with a wide smile, too! I am sure I will! ;)

Mother's Day, gift ideas for Mother's day, tips + tricks

As for me, I’d really love to push for that condo in austin, but my little man is way too little to afford one or to even write me a simple card, otherwise I’d be delighted with the hugs + the wet kisses! Simply bliss! ;)

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