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I have mentioned briefly about my new bag in my Expo Mom 2012 post, it was part of the loot that I was able to bring home that day! If you have been a regular reader, I guess you must have noticed by now my penchant for eco-bags, so I really love this new addition to my collection! I love that it is big to fit everything in + that it has a zipper for much needed security for my belongings! ­čÖé

I have been using it since then + it is just perfect to stash all the items we need for Jared’s swimming lessons, including his inflated floaters, our camera! It is also perfect for an afternoon in the mall since you can simply dump all your shopping haul in it!

I have always been fascinated with big bags, especially when I become a mum, when I need to carry numerous items that my little man might need whenever we go out. They are so convenient to lag around instead of having multiple little bags since I can simple hoist it up on my shoulder, leaving both my hands free to hold Jared’s hands + attend to each of his needs. You can also check out my big Earth Pockets bag here.

Thought my new bag’s design deserved a spotlight on Pink Fridays, too! Oh + do not forget to join my Oli’s Uncommon Cents Book + $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway while you are here! Thanks! ­čśë

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