havin’ a blast with baby blast 03

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We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon last April 22, when we went to Baby Blast 3 at the Trinoma Activity Center. We came in a bit late at 1pm, + the place is bustling with all the activities by the time we made it past the registration booth. My little man immediately fell in love with one of the pre-school’s booth + made a beeline for their play mat. + guess who he found playing there? Jakie, one of my mummy blogger friend Olga’s tots, is busy playing with Lightning McQueen, Mater + the gang when Jared joined in. His older sister, Jade, on the other hand, is busy cutting colored papers + doing a coloring worksheet at a table nearby. We spent a considerably long time in that booth as Jared did not want to budge from the mat + from the stack of Cars characters he was too fond of. A lot of toddler + pre-schools participated in the event, + if I live anywhere near the city, I would’ve signed up for one of them. Equally interesting talks, book reading, contest, intermission numbers + other fun activities are presented in the stage.

events, mummy events, weekends

At last, I convinced him to get up + look around so we were able to explore the rest of the place. By this time, I have also bought a few back issues of Baby Magazine + a water bottle from the Ainon Baby booth, which I purchased to include in my Mother’s Day Giveaway {which should be posted real soon ;)}. We’ve also been to the Parentin.TV’s booth + the little man found another interesting toy to play with. He was occupied with this big maze puzzle for quite some time which left me with no choice but to hang just a few inches away so I can keep an eye on him while I check out the stalls nearby. We’ve managed to make it to the side of the stage by this time + I just witnessed an enthralling performance by the Velasco Brothers.

events, mummy events, weekends

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reach for the stars with skyxplore

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This mum has always been fascinated with the stars + back when I was a little girl, I would spend hours gazing up in the sky, waiting for a falling star so I could wish on it! I also love looking at the full moon + would always try to locate Polaris wherever I go. + I would love this to rub in on my little man. Needless to say, I was excited when I was invited to witness the launch of Skyxplore, a new Mobile Digital Planetarium, held at the Diliman Preparatory School on 18 April, 2012.

events, best things to do this summer, educational activities for children, Skyxplore

Skyxplore, the country’s first of its kind, is a 7-meter diameter Digital Mobile that opened in May of last year. The device consists of a digital projector which evenly distributes light from the machine onto the dome, thus giving the participants inside a perfect view of the sky above us, sans the smog + the pollution! It also provides a larger-than-life view of the heavenly bodies, including the myriads of constellations, the galaxies, + the planets. Embark on a tour of the celestial creations + feel as if you are standing at the edge of Mars or Saturn! What’s best is that you can even see sunrises of the past + check out future meteor showers + solar eclipses!

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april’s top 10 commentators

Time does fly! What do you know, it is the end of another month + the beginning of yet another. We’ll be half-way through the year before we are even aware of it! + in comes the beautiful month of May, the mum month, if you will, as we shall be celebrating Mother’s Day in a few week’s time. + just before this month caught me unawares again, allow me to say thanks to everyone who has been regularly taking time to visit + leave their beautiful comments! Thank you so much to mumwritesapril top 10 commentators:

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