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mother’s day 2012

This year’s Mother’s Day is really uneventful, what with the little man nursing a high fever + mum waking up with a swollen jaw on Mother’s Day morning. The only saving grace of that day is the delicious Jollibee meal we had come dinner time + when my other siblings, Ken + Bel, dropped by …

mum's thoughts

villar foundation celebrates the month of the ocean

The Villar Foundation, helmed by Managing Director Cynthia Villar, joins this month’s Month of the Ocean celebration through an afternoon of renewed commitment in protecting + preserving the environment with a series of activities that allowed all participants to foster volunteerism + show their support to our Mother Nature. This year’s theme, Buhay Dagat, Buhay …


copy-kids dvd giveaway winner

Happy Monday everyone! :) I am glad that both me + the little man are feeling a bit better. My swollen jaw is finally subsiding, as well s Jared’s allergy. We will be back in shape in no time at all, I bet. Anyway, our Copy-Kids DVD Giveaway is officially over + I would like …


Smart Mums Choose Uratex Mattresses

Smart mums do choose Uratex mattresses simply because they give you more value for your money, plus you can be sure of the quality of the products. I should know, I have this Uratex foam which my Mama bought me all those many years ago, 10 years, I think, + now my little man uses …