pldt telpad’s new exclusive application ~ telmehow

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PLDT TelPad, events, gadgets + technology

PLDT’s revolutionary tablet landline slash multimedia gadget now comes with its own exclusive application {app} ~ TelMeHow.

PLDT Telpad, gadgets + technology, events
mummy bloggers all!

In an exclusive event held at the plush Privè Luxury Club in The Fort Strip, bloggers were introduced to this new + exciting application! Hosted by the stunningly beautiful, + my favorite MTV VJ, Sarah Meier, the event was also graced by PLDT bigwigs + the PLDT TelMeHow mentors, including professional photographer, Paul Ticzon, + fashion stylist, Bea Constantino.

PLDT Telpad, events, gadgets + technology,

The highlight of the night would have to be the part where bloggers get a taste of the glamorous + glitzy life at the runway! Yes, the bloggers had an impromtu fashion show, guided by the insightful how-to video of mentor Bea Constantino, we’ve managed to spruce up our get-up for the night making us more fashionable + stylish + ready for our very first venture into the ramp!

PLDT Telpad, events, gadgets + technology

Expert Tips at your Fingertips

Remember that tellie ad where a teener cooked up a French dinner for her parents using the TelMeHow app? You could be dishing out those expertly-cooked meals in no time, too, thanks to this new application. + there is just something for everyone in the family: the sports buff, the travel junkie, the tech-savvy + the fashion-forward, with a host of video tutorials provided by numerous mentors who are considered experts in their field. Apart from that, the Telpad also provides numerous exciting ways for Filipino families to bond during their downtime.

PLDT Telpad, gadgets + technology, events
with mummy bloggers Willa + Jem, trying out the PLDT Telpad TelMeHow app

The nitty-gritty

The PLDT Telpad S7 Slim prides itself with a 512 MB RAM,  a 1 Ghz Qualcomm processor, + an 8 GB internal memory. Plus it even has additional storage capacity of up to 32 GB. The sleek S7 slim also comes with 3-axis Accelerometer, ambient light sensors + gravity. In addition, it even comes with a micro HDMI port for larger scale viewing on HD television.

Each Telpad plan, which starts at Php 1,849 at 1.5mbps, comes with unlimited calls + unlimited broadband service bundles. + since the Telpad unit is an Android-powered device, subscribers can take advantage of more than 450,000 apps available for download at Google Play.

PLDT Telpad, gadgets + technology, events
the star of the night ~ PLDT TelPad TelMeHow app

Exciting Things in the Brew

The TelMeHow up is also slated to add in a number of other categories into the mix, including

  • An Events category with how-to’s in organizing + managing events
  • A section on cars
  • An exciting Fitness category
  • Soon enough, TelPad users can also upload their own video tutorials, too! 

To download the TelMeHow app for free + for more exciting news + information, do visit The PLDT Telpad Website + follow the PLDT Landline Facebook Page

image credits for 2nd, 3rd + 5th photos go to PLDT Landline Facebook Page

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