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I feel like every bit of me just screams to take a break. If I could, I’d sleep for 3 days straight just so I can regain the energy + the hours of sleep deprivation that I suffered when me + the little man got sick recently.   Am just glad that apart from slight coughs + cold, + occasional throwing up here + there, the little man is back to his usual rowdy self + that apart from a bit swelling on the inside of my cheek, my jaw is now back to normal + is feeling a lot better.

+ even though we have not fully recovered yet, there are loads of home chores to be dealt with, starting with the mountain of laundry that have piled up over the days I wasn’t feeling up to the task. Although my sister, Cel, was too kind enough to volunteer to do most of Jared’s laundry, I have still quite a mountain on my laundry basket which I tackled as soon as I was able to. Now it left me more tired + dying to take a few day’s break. If only it were possible. Mothers don’t take offs remember? We keep a 25/7 job, every single day of the week.

During these times, I cannot help but wish I have extra arms + hands to do a number of tasks at the same time or that I have a house help that can pitch in whenever I am feeling off, who will do the laundry + cook hearty meals for me + the little man + who will keep watch of him while he sleeps so I can tinker on my blogs to work on my backlogs late at night, or maybe a home vacuum cleaners from  Miele so that I won’t have to sweep the floor! Oh well, am going to have to save for that + a house help is really not in my list of priorities at the moment. Maybe I’d just work on keeping me healthy so that I won’t have to deal with sickness that starts this whole thing altogether!

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  1. glad you recovered now, sis vix. just take your time so you won’t be overwhelmed with the housework. full recovery is what’s important. that’s what i’m doing right, taking things slowly. i’m also wishing for a vacuum cleaner. 😀

    1. thank you, sis! the chores can really be quite overwhelming sometimes, I’d like to send all the laundry to the laundromat! 😀 you get well soon + take it easy, too!

  2. sharing the same dilemma 🙁 how i wish i can buy all the latest technology home gadgets to aid me in doing my house chores

    hope you and jared are okay now

    1. true, mommy Joy, life will definitely be easy-breezy if i have all those gadgets to aid me. i can focus more on my mothering duties instead of worrying about the chores!

      thanks so much! ^_^

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