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Our sexy backs {yes, allow me, please! ;)} are probably one of the hard-working + the most abused part of our bodies. Before we even start becoming mums, our backs are taking the pressure from our little bundle of joys that were still tucked safely in our tummies. Am sure you’ve had many a number of days when you have to deal with the pain + the pressure that pregnancy gives to our backs. + do not even let me go to birth-giving + post-natal scenarios. + what about the role that our backs play in raising those 21-kilo, piggy-back-riding, bundles of boundless energies? It is a given, our backs do most of the hard labor + we ought to learn a few tips + tricks on how to care for our backs that supports our children + families, too!

Most back pain help sites online will give you the following tips on how to alleviate those annoying back pains + promote a good back altogether. Come on, let us read this one out together:

  • Eat foods that boost bone health. Load up on Calcium-fortified cereals + orange juice for breakfast + eat a healthy dose of yogurt + milk throughout the day
  • Chances are your recurring back problems may also be due to your bad posture, so straighten up those sagging backs, put your chin up + stretch those back pains adieu!
  • Exercise. You do not really need to be a sports buff to combat those aching back problems. A simple stretching at home will suffice, or a lap on the pool will also do, as swimming is also such a great form of exercise.
  • Living healthy may just be the solution to your back woes, too. Quit smoking if you haven’t already + start moving + shed those extra pounds, too.
  • If your job requires you to sit for longer periods of time, make sure to have the most comfortable chair you can possibly have. Get one with a comfortable back rest + arm rest to make sure you are not straining your back unnecessarily.
  • Refrain from bending forward or backward awkwardly. It is best to bend using your knees instead of forcing your back to bend.

Here’s to lesser back pains + healthier backs for all of us hard-working + dedicated mums! ;)

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