a plumbing emergency

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If I know a thing or two about plumbing, I never would have panicked the last time we had a minor plumbing emergency. I was just happily taking a bath after a long day’s work + after I have put my little man to sleep for his afternoon nap, when I noticed that instead of going down the drain, like it would normally do, the water is building up in a puddle on the bathroom floor instead. I thought there was just a temporary glitch {read: something stuck in the drain} but long before I finished my bath, the water formed into a little flood inside the bathroom.

To say that I was worried is an understatement, I was actually panicked + my mind was running 360 degrees on overdrive, thinking what I’d do if in case the water flows through the kitchen towards the living room. In my mind’s eye I was already thinking of the quickest way to move my sofa + the little man’s toys onto a higher, safe place! + wondering where I can call a 24/7 plumber to help sort out my predicament! What can I do, it comes with being a mum, I guess! 🙂

Anyways, the water did not really flowed out to the kitchen or to any other part of the house, + although it flooded the bathroom floor for a few hours, all it took was a single call to my landlord to get things fixed! The bathroom was in tiptop shape before I went to bed that night.

Lesson learned: first of all, do not panic, as panicking accomplish nothing! It helps to keep an alert  mind especially in times like this. Secondly, make sure to keep the drain free from other ickie stuff like loose hair strand + the likes. Install hair catcher if you haven’t + repair the old ones you have, in case it was broken, like mine. You can also keep a plumber’s hotline on your phonebook since you never know when it might come handy. As the old adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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  1. I shall agree. Panicking would only start an argument between me and the husband. Like when i got irritated when the water closet malfunction:)

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