beating the june jitters

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Time flies too fast! Can you believe that we’re more than half-way through the month of June + shall be ushering the next month in more than a week’s time?

Oh well, June is actually one of my least favorite months + that is no thanks to the rain + storms + the perpetual inclement weather that we normally experience around this time. It means less chance to spend time outdoors + more time to mope inside the house as we wait for the typhoons to leave. It also means more chance for you + your children to get sick.

To beat the June jitters, you might want to make sure you have:

  • the medicine cabinet well-stocked since you never know when this might come handy. {I’ll be back with a post on what to put in your medicine box soon}
  • just scheduled you + your children’s flu shots! nothing beats being prepared to beat those sickness blues away, so book that appointment with your doctor as soon as you can
  • stocked up on bug repellents, as mosquitoes + other insects tend to thrive in a moist environment. Protect your little ones from insect bites by having your all-natural bug sprays ready. I will share Human Heart Nature’s Bug Shield in one of my future posts.
I am sure that others will beg to disagree with me, about June being my favorite month, that is, June is also well known to be the wedding month, after all, + while I write this am sure a lot of couples are having arrangements with MS party planner + the likes, + are busy organizing their dream weddings. Go ahead + do not let me dampen your spirits one bit. Just don’t forget to check out those heart-warming Mississippi weddings for inspiration, right? 😉
Oh well, the recent typhoon has just left the country + we are enjoying a bit of sunshine today. I will make the most of it by bringing the little man to my godchild, Blessy’s 10th birthday party later this afternoon. + just to keep my hopes up, I’ll expect more exciting things to come with whatever’s left of this month! I hope you do, too! 🙂

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  1. I’ve had this cold for two weeks now, and it’s not making me the least bit happy! At least my daughter’s well. Yes, we should always be prepared for any eventuality. Health is wealth, right? 🙂

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