is your home ready for the rainy season?

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I have mentioned in one of my previous post some tips + tricks on how to make you + your family all geared up for the rainy months ahead. In the same manner, you have to get your homes ready for the storm + the typhoons, too, after all, it was our sole source of protection + refuge from the bad weather that it pays to have it checked out so you can have the necessary repairs done before the typhoons came barging in one after the other.

If you are aiming for a house remodel or a renovation, it is best to have this work done as early as possible, ideally during the long, dry summer months, along with other major works + repairs that you have in mind, which can either include any or all of the following:

  • roof renovations ~ roofs work the hardest during rainy season, so make sure you get all the leaks fixed in time. a new coat of paint to make your roof last longer is also advisable, as it not only makes your roof stronger, it also protects against rusting
  • painting jobs
  • fence fixing
Some minor repairs, like fixing the doors, or minor floor tiles maintenance or retouching old painting jobs indoors can be scheduled much later since they can still be done even during the stormy season, plus they are also easier + faster to finish. To faster accomplish these tasks, make sure to keep a detailed list of every single work, as well as a complete schedule of work that needs to be done. It wouldn’t hurt if you can employ the most reliable people to do the work for you, too! 😉  I just wish I had enough money to spare so I can have my parents’ house renovated soon…
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  1. Great tips Vix! Sadly I don’t think our home is ready yet for the rainy season. I seriously want to renovate our room but with the extreme heat during the summer I just want to stay in a cool dry place and read.

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