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I have been wanting to join the Blog Photo Challenge but have not found the time to do it. Now, after 5 months is done, I finally managed to set aside a portion of my online time to make a post for it, just in time for the new month! Oh well, here is hoping I’d be able to sustain this. I have been lagging online lately + is at a lost looking for my muse. This is an attempt to recapture the blogging mojo + hopefully get back to spewing those post + articles on time! I know I can only make so many excuses, but since me + the little man had fallen ill, my blogs have been relegated to the sidelines clamoring for my attention. Hopefully, as I start to feel healthy again I’d be able to finish all the backlogs + post each of the articles I have been meaning to post in the first place.

Anyhoo, my first BPC entry is this photo I took during one of those days that me + the little man happily roam around the resort while waiting for his swimming class to start. This well-manicured lawn is where they do their pre-swimming stretching + my little one enjoys walking + treading across the green path. I shall share more photos of his swimming adventure soon. :)

To learn more about how to join the Blog Photo Challenge, check out sis Mel’s post here.

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