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giveaway winnings

Ever since I have discovered the joy that is online shopping + joining blog giveaways I have been regularly getting surprises from the mail. Just like the other day when the friendly neighborhood postman handed me this blue package from Kotex + I just recalled that they were giving away free samples from their Facebook Page a few weeks back. In a week, if I get lucky, I’d get a number of mails + a few packages, too, + I am such a happy camper! ūüôā

There was a time when I’ve been winning giveaways after online giveaways + would receive packages from different couriers every other day. It was pure joy receiving all those packages! I cannot get enough of them!

It was also a good thing that through online shopping + giveaways, courier + delivery business are in bloom, too! I bet there are numerous¬†courier jobs at uShip¬†+ other courier companies that are available for ¬†jobless people to apply for. The comfort of online living has somehow paved the way for other offline industries to flourish + what more can we really ask for. Dads can apply for posts at delivery services whilst mum can stay at home to care for the kids while doing numerous jobs online to help augment the family income, nothing can really get better than this + don’t you think we have modern-day technology + the world wide web to thank for it? ūüėČ

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