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what we did one hot Saturday morning? ~ we hit the mall!

Happy Sunday everyone! Although, it is hot + humid, as usual, I am loving the quiet morning. I bet everyone is cooped up at home waiting for the much-awaited Pacquiao-Bradley bout {have you found a livestreaming link yet? ;)}. I heard you can watch the fight live at Shakey’s in Malolos, too. Oh well, I am not really too keen on that one, plus, am not sure it will be too good for the little man to see the match {I bet I will end up taking the jabs + the punch from Jared who’d definitely end up mimicking the boxers!}, I guess I will just pray that Pacquiao wins + check out the news later tonight.

Oh well, we shall be enjoying the lazy day + will take as much rest as we can, since we just came from an eventful day at the mall yesterday. There was power interruption, see, + instead of staying at home battling the sweltering heat, I decided to spend the afternoon with the little man at the fully air-conditioned shopping mall in Pampanga! :D

Check out our photo enjoying one of the rides in the mall. I shall be sharing more of our weekend adventure on my next post. Meanwhile, allow me to enjoy the rest of my weekend, would you? + I hope you enjoy yours, too! :)

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