one hot saturday morning

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what we did one hot Saturday morning? ~ we hit the mall!

Happy Sunday everyone! Although, it is hot + humid, as usual, I am loving the quiet morning. I bet everyone is cooped up at home waiting for the much-awaited Pacquiao-Bradley bout {have you found a livestreaming link yet? ;)}. I heard you can watch the fight live at Shakey’s in Malolos, too. Oh well, I am not really too keen on that one, plus, am not sure it will be too good for the little man to see the match {I bet I will end up taking the jabs + the punch from Jared who’d definitely end up mimicking the boxers!}, I guess I will just pray that Pacquiao wins + check out the news later tonight.

Oh well, we shall be enjoying the lazy day + will take as much rest as we can, since we just came from an eventful day at the mall yesterday. There was power interruption, see, + instead of staying at home battling the sweltering heat, I decided to spend the afternoon with the little man at the fully air-conditioned shopping mall in Pampanga! 😀

Check out our photo enjoying one of the rides in the mall. I shall be sharing more of our weekend adventure on my next post. Meanwhile, allow me to enjoy the rest of my weekend, would you? + I hope you enjoy yours, too! 🙂

By the way, while you’re here do not forget to join my new Juppy Walker Giveaway where you can win your own personalized Juppy Walker. There is also another week left before the Oli’s Uncommon Cents Giveaway ends, so I hope you head on to those posts + join now! Good luck! 🙂

Sharing our photos with 366 BPC {#2/366}

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  1. awww! bonding time with Mommy and son is always the best 🙂 I did not watch the boxing show Sis 🙂 I have heard Manny Pacquiao lost 🙁 Dropping by from BPC.

    1. i was able to see the late telecast here, but was not really paying attention as i was busy doing chores, too! 😉

  2. We always have a get together kong may pacman fight but not this time. I guess ok lang kasi natalo siya. You both looked like you had a wonderful time. BPC hopping here.

  3. Aww, bonding time at the mall during the Pacquiao-Bradley fight? How’d that go? People were supposed to be clobbered in their couches during those times. Hehe. Hope your little boy and you enjoyed it though. 🙂

    1. we had our time at the mall a day before Pacquiao’s fight! the little man enjoyed riding those fun + colorful mall rides!:)

  4. I love that photo of you and your son, sis! So nice bonding moment! The pacquiao-bradley fight was disgusting because of its results. Lol.

    BTW, Sorry sis, I haven’t purchased any souvenir at all from Vegas. I am home now and I only made the most of our vegas holiday by feasting on the pinoy foods that we couldn’t find and have here sa bundok namin. Sa susunod nalang na vegas hop, i’ll think of you on that postcard/magnet, etc… 🙂

    BPC 161 hop here!

    1. thank you, sis! never you mind about the souvenirs, i was just reading about your Vegas trip when i remembered those cool Vegas ref magnets! 😀

      heading to your BPC post next!

  5. me too, I haven’t see Pacquiao’s boxing and i heard he lost it. i’m sure he didn’t lost a lot as he already have lots of winnings in the past. beautiful mom and son picture you have here mommy vix. doing my 366 bpc rounds here.

    1. the wbo just announced that pacquiao actually won the fight, i guess it has vindicated him even though he can take the belt from bradley! thanks, sis! 🙂

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