Growing old is something I totally dread but is utterly inevitable. If I could I’d like to stay in my 30-year old self forever! Anyway, here are 5 of the things I’d want to do just before I get old,  too weak to go anywhere or do anything even.

  • shave my head ~ I planned to do this when i turned 30, but i was really having such a fabulous time being 30 + pregnant that i never got the chance to shave my locks off. Besides I was afraid my baby would think I was his dad! :D
  • get a tattoo ~ I had  this all sorted out, I will get an “OM” tattoo {I also wrote about this here} + the name of my son on my back. I just don’t know when I’d master enough courage to have my skin pricked!
  • run in one of those fun runs ~ ever since I caught wind about those fun runs for non-athletes, I have actually wanted to try one for myself. It would be one fun + liberating experience to run, plus it will also be a perfect form of exercise, not to mention a totally new type of mum-son bonding activity, too! Hopefully I will get to find one locally, so me + the little man can participate in one, soon!
  • travel around the country ~ it was also my dream to travel the world, but, alas, the lack of financial to do just that might make it quite impossible, so I guess am gonna have to settle with touring around my beloved country first. I’d love to visit Palawan, Bohol, Boracay, Sagada, Vigan + a whole lot of idyllic + beautiful places in the Philippines.
  • learn french ~ I have always been fascinated with the French language + have been dreaming all my life to learn it. But, sadly I never found the time. It was a good thing I came across this wonderful book on speaking French, Lightning Fast French, which I shall be sharing with you in a up-coming post. Hopefully, I will have that goal ticked off from my bucket list real soon! ;)

I am sure you also have loads of things you want to do before you get old. It was actually quite a chore to just choose 5 ’cause I’ve got plenty. I wanted to ride a plane, go on a mountain hike/climb, or diving or bungee jumping! The works! Oh well, maybe you can include some of those in your own posts + join us in this BC Bloggers Meme + while you’re at it, you might as well join us at BC Bloggers as we’ve got loads of exciting activities slated in the coming weeks! :)

Okay, time for me to catch some shut-eye before the little man wakes me up again. I do hope you all have a great, albeit gloomy + cloudy, Thursday. A post about my medicine box + the little man’s flu shot is in the works + I hope you come visit them when they’re out!  :)

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