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That is right! My little tot just turned 34 months today + we shall be celebrating his 3rd birthday in 2 months time! At this age, he can now recognize + read all the letters of the alphabet, as well as all the numbers. He can also name a number of things that begins with the letters. Much thanks to all those long hours spent watching TUTITU + the likes! He can also recognize most shapes, but is hard up on pronouncing most of the difficult ones ~ especially rectangle, octagon + hexagon {which made me wonder why they even have to give those shapes the most complicated names in the first place!}. I noticed that he is now also more keen + receptive whenever I teach him something. The other day I was teaching him about body parts + he willingly repeated after me + can tell the elbow from his shoulder after a few tries!

I also noticed that Jared’s imagination has been quite active lately. I caught him talking {to himself or to an imaginary friend, I guess} + sheepishly smiled at me when he noticed I was there. He would also be quick to mention that the little man he saw on the tellie was “Jai-jai” {that is how he pronounced his name} + the mum was me or the dad was his dad! He would also point to the sky often + tell me that Spiderman or Captain America or Iron Man is somewhere out there!

He is also more sensitive of other people’s feelings now + would be quick to say sorry or kiss or hug someone whenever he felt like he did something wrong. Also, he would now listen, at least most times, whenever he is told to do something.  I guess it cannot be denied that my little man is now growing! Before I know it he will be the one to choose his clothes + shoes for himself!

I guess I have said this too many times before that may he not grow too fast, but maybe it really is inevitable. Oh well, how about changing it to simply grow to be the person you ought to be + I will never be a happier mum!  Happy 34th month, my little one, thank you for all the wonderful + beautiful things you brought into my life, not to mention the millions of hugs + kisses! Mum will love you always, no matter what!

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