this mum’s wish to be body beautiful in her 30’s

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I have struggled with my weight + my over-all body image all my life. What can I say, I was born a big baby + it did not help that being tall + big-boned runs in my Mama’s side of the family. I was towering over my classmates + friends all my elementary life + was stuck with a 52-kilo, 26-inch waistline even before I hit my early teen years. I know totally uncool, right? It was a good thing, though, that tank tops + skinny jeans were not yet a fad at the time + I was always clad in my choice-of-clothing hand-me-down shirts + poloshirts from my Papa + my totally unflattering lone pair of jeans! It did not even help that I was living a half-sedentary lifestyle, sitting in front of the tellie whenever I had the time, with biking around the barrio during weekends as my only form of exercise.

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It was in my early 20’s, when I discovered the beautiful thing that is yoga + tried doing it in the safety of my bedroom, just before I go to sleep at night or when I wake up in the morning. It was also then that I discovered vegetarianism. I tried my luck with this healthy lifestyle alternative + was never happy with myself! For the first time in my life I can wear shorts + skirts in public + I manage to get rid of the unsightly extra flesh on my thighs that has been there all my life! I was in my best form, filled at the right places. I even tipped the scale once at 49 kilos, the lowest I have weighed my entire life. I can also wear those form-fitting sexy blouses, as well as those body-hugging skinny jeans {my waistline has trimmed down to 27 inches around this time, too!}! I felt light, I felt good, I felt healthier + I was healthier!

products for women, women health, motherhood

I started gaining back the weight several months before I turned 30, I became rounder + fuller but it was all good. Little did I know that there was actually a little, beautiful surprise that was waiting for me to discover!  I was to become a mum! Contrary to the usual, instead of gaining weight, I was actually losing them during my first trimester, with the morning all-day sickness + unusual lack of appetite. I just started gaining back the body weight in my 3rd trimester when my baby bump was all obvious + I was a few months away from delivery.  I never had problems with my body at the time, since I was totally enjoying my pregnancy+ I was discovering all these beautiful things about my body + the little pea thriving in my tummy! Not to mention I am also enjoying the extra oomph pregnancy gave to my breasts! 

products for women, products, women health, motherhood

I was in the throes of body problems after I gave birth. The skin on my tummy is still supple, yet I totally dislike that it was now noticeably sagging due to the stretch it has to endure during pregnancy. My breasts are also un-glamorously sagging  + I have noticeable bumps in practically the wrong places of my body: my tummy, my thighs {which are abnormally large at this time!}, among others.

products for women, women health, motherhood

Fast forward to 3 years into motherhood + parenting, I was nowhere near the body shape + size that I have wanted for myself. I was mistaken to be on the family way on several occasions due to my bulging tummy, which looks more like a 5-month old baby bump! + if that was not enough, I ballooned into a 58-kilo, 31-inch mammoth, much to my despair + dismay! 🙁 I know practically how I’d counter-attack this ugly weight gai ~ by doing the following:

products for women, women health, motherhood

But I hardly have time for an 8-hour sleep, much more a 30-minute work out each day. I am tied up to my home chores + parenting duties that I hardly have enough time for myself. The only form of exercise I can manage these days is to type away at my keyboard in between carrying my 22-kilo toddler + running after him, which is quite a feat in itself, if you’d ask me!

products for women, women health, motherhood

The struggle to having a beautiful body is relegated to the sidelines, what with all the responsibilities on my shoulders, but it was a good thing that busy full-time mum/part-time online worker women like me can rely on revolutionary products like Wacoal. With their wide array of products to choose from, being body beautiful in any age has never been easy!

Now I do not need to taunt myself if I cannot wake up that early to stretch those sagging muscles or do not have enough energy to run in the morning or exercise in the afternoon. The answer to all my body problems are at the tip of my fingers. Of course it will be much better if I can get rid of all the unwanted fats + bumps altogether, or if I can alter the fact that my body ages as I do, but it sure is a great consolation to know that I now have access to fast + temporary solutions to my woes, while I struggle to find the time to include exercise, diet + working out onto my very busy schedules, won’t you agree? 😉

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  1. I also long for a beautiful body ,but at my age , my problem is a little bit bulging tummy . i try to race with my kids and dog every morning for an exercise just to be fit but not enough to remove those fat from the tummy .

  2. I am also wishing for this. Haha! Im in my early 30 already but its really getting harder to get my figure when I was still in my 20’s. I recently enrolled myself in a gym. Hopefully this will help. Wish me luck. Haha!

  3. It’s really hard to maintain a good figure. It depends on how well we take care of ourselves plus how do we feel about ourselves. Sometimes projecting a positive image is kinda hard but it could be achieved with a proper determination and zest for life! 🙂

    1. agree with you, sis! hopefully i can have that determination to get back to my old body size! hehe 😀

  4. I wish I could also lose some more weight not only to look beautiful but also to feel healthy. It takes discipline and a lot of hard work, which I need to really work on.

  5. I’ve always wondered how mommies stay fit and sexy after having a baby I guess it does takes a lot of effort and hard work too. I hope you’ll be able to do it! Good luck!

  6. I guess the key to keep our post-partum bodies healthy and fit is to set aside a non-negotiable time to take care of ourselves and nourish our bodies each day.

  7. You know sis, your post made me worry about my own body.. 🙁 I’m only 21 yet I’ve gained a lot of weight in the past year. I think my food blogging is the culprit, or simply my lack of discipline to regularly exercise and eat healthily. *sigh* Anyway, I hope I get to turn myself and my life around for the better just like you did when you were my age. Btw sis, you’re beautiful and I’m sure you’ll age gracefully! 🙂

  8. who wouldn’t want our before body haha…it’s never too late though to start having healthy lifestyle…

  9. Mothers like us have the same dilemma. We are more prone to become mature early because of giving birth. Unless, we are born rich who can afford expensive surgeries! Hehehe

  10. your still as sexy as before but yes as we age , we need to look into every details of our body and for the signs of aging. stay healthy 😉

    1. agree, mars! i have never been more conscious about my body until i turned 30. the key really is to stay active + lead a healthy lifestyle! if i were just a stone’s throw away, i would’ve joined you in that fun run! 😉

  11. At least you already have a child. Me, still single but already have the same concern like you. Haha! I guess, we just have to feel “beautiful” so that feeling will radiate from the inside and out. At the same time, do our part in having proper exercise and diet (Hard!!). Btw, Wacoal does have a nice line that fits in the bulges and diverts it to parts that need to be enhanced. =)

    1. i must agree, sometimes it really depends on how beautiful + good you feel inside + it will just resonate in your physical state! diets are just killers, especially if you have an appetite of a construction worker, just like me! 😀

      Wacoal has that line indeed, + if all else fails, I guess am gonna have to settle for that to hide my bulges + bumps!

  12. I was born and still a big baby. Pumayat lang ako from grades 1-6 kasi ang likot-likot ko then I got fats again during my high school and college days then slimmer on my 1st 2yrs with the BPO industry but I bounced big time the next 3yrs and am still a chubby one! Hahaha!!! I had a yo-yo diet! 🙂

    1. the BPO lifestyle is really to blame, sitting in front of the computer all day! but am sure you can find ways on how to burn the excess energy as well as the unwanted weight gain, somehow! good luck! 🙂

  13. I think whatever diet plan you may have, it just boils down to your own determination to succeed in your plan. Yet, you have greatly planned it out. Congrats.

    1. thanks much! it was really difficult to follow through with determination when the physical body is so unwilling to cooperate, but I do hope I will manage to conquer + pull through with this, somehow! 🙂

  14. When I was younger, I wished to have a beautiful body by the age of 30! But I realized it’s not easy =) Now I’m 30 years old and it’s difficult to get fit and fab like my teenage years! But I’m still believing that it’s not too late to start a healthy lifestyle.. kaya natin to sis =)

    1. agree with you sis. Am just waiting for the little man to get a bit bigger so we can join those runs! 😀 i would really love to kick start a healthy lifestyle, para yun din ang makasanayan ni Jared while he is growing up! Yup, kaya natin ‘to! 😀

  15. maybe its high time you attend those yoga sessions you’ve been fantasizing about for the longest time. i think Ethan would enjoy that too! 🙂

    1. i guess you’re right, a friend of mine was inviting me to attend yoga sessions one of these Sundays, maybe i should really give it a shot. the last time we went there to inquire, Jared was already friends with the yoga center keeper’s childred! 😀

  16. I also wished I have a perfet body, but I realized I need to accept my flaws and just love who I am.
    Just keep believing and stay positive. and oh.. ur right. yoga helps! 🙂

  17. I beg to disagree, you’re one sexy momma kaya! But you’re right, it helps a lot that there are fast temporary fixes that give our silhouette more oomph. Now, if only there’s a fast fix to height concerns. I need several inches of it. LOL!

    1. thanks so much, sis! haha! oh, that is not a problem, all you have to do is get one of those elevator shoes that are in fashion now + viola, you are 5 inches taller! 🙂

  18. waahhhh…ang problema kadalasan ng mga mommies…ako din..
    lalo na now fromwork to bahay naka upo lang at naka tunganga sa PC…
    kaya ito..bulging tummy! tamadski din ako mag exercise…lagi kasi puyat…
    30/s na din ako…dapat healthy lifestyle talaga tayo sis..

    1. so true sis, part talaga ng pagiging nanay ang bulging tummy kaya dapat we do exercise + physical activities, like running + swimming, often….

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