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the little man in one of his home explorations!

As mums we all want to give the best to our children: the best nutrition, the best toys + stuff, + a child-friendly space for them to thrive in, with areas safe for them to wander around + play in. Your home, much like mine, has probably transformed into one big play area for your little children, they needed a bigger space, after all, to practice toddling + crawling, walking + exploring, afterwards. It must also be a common scenario to see toys + other play things everywhere in your house. I used to fuss over them much when I realized there is no way I can keep the house spic ‘n span as much as I’d like to, as long as there is a toddler around. I gave up on OC-ing about my home + putting security screws on every item imaginable + directed my sight at keeping our little space as safe + friendly to my little man as I possibly can.

I claim to be no expert + my son has had one too many boo boo’s at home from bumping here + there + falling from the bed + the sofa + yeah, I will never forget that time when he accidentally got hold of a glass sitting at the spot in our dining table where he can easily reach. He got one big cut in his thigh out of that incidence  + the scar is still prominent up to this day. It always breaks my heart every time my child fall or hurts himself. If I could, I’d probably put him back in my womb where he will be safe from harm, but alas, I see no way he would fit in there ever again!

Here are a few toddler-proofing tips you might want to keep in mind:

  • remove vases, frames + the likes out of your children’s reach. If you cannot help it, make sure overhead displays are a lot higher for your children’s tiny arms to reach + grab, + don’t forget to install tamper proof screws whenever possible to prevent accidents + untoward incidents from happening
  • make sure the screen door has a latch or lock that your child cannot easily reach
  • install safety gates at the foot of the stairs or where you deem fit {I am using our main door as a  make-shift safety gate against our stairs. When we are upstairs I see to it that the bedroom door is never left open}
  • it might seem impossible to keep an eye on your tot 24/7, so designate a safe spot in your home, where there is no danger of anything falling onto him or him grabbing anything breakable, where he can play, read, relax while you go about with your activities for the day {read: chore + more chores! :)}
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