what you doing father’s day?

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Our Father’s Days are mostly spent at home, or in the mall {when we still have enough energy left after a long week}, or depending on the weather, we’d usually spend the afternoon in the memorial park to visit my parents’ graves. This particular Father’s Day will be no exception. We might flock to the cemetery this afternoon provided the weather will cooperate. The little man will have loads of playtime running around the grassed-lawn + just have a good time with his tito + titas.

I know most of you will find something more worthwhile with your time. Some would probably go out on a Father’s Day date with their dads or their husbands, + would try out those special offer dinner buffets in hotels + restaurants. Some would probably even book a reservation in one of those plush hotels in Makati City to give the most important men in their lives a treat on their special day. Some others would have scoured the world wide web for promos weeks before on which buffet to try or which hotels to check out.  If I were still working in the city, I’d probably book myself + the little man to one of those hotels so we can have a relaxing + lazy Sunday afternoon. + if my Papa were still around, I would’ve saved enough to book a 2-day accomodation, complete with massage + spa services + 5-course meal, for him + my Mama to enjoy. Oh well, it would be impossible to do that now but it sure is enough consolation to know that he is in a better place now, together with my Mama. Am sure he is having a blast celebrating Father’s Day up in heaven.

For those who are luckier to have their fathers around on this special occasions, I’d love to know how you plan to celebrate Father’s Day. Would you be checking out one of those Makati hotels, too? Let me know in a comment below, right?

Anyways, happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful + hardworking father’s out there! 😀

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  1. Celebration like this calls for food feast! We had a small reunion at home, ordered food, and had some videoke & drinks..fun! fun!

    Happy Dad’s Day!

    1. that is a great way to celebrate the occasion. We were cooped up at home all day due to the inclement weather….happy dad’s day to your dad, too! 😀

  2. No extravagant celebration yesterday. We were just at home, ordered a hearty meal. I gave chocolates to my dad who has a sweet tooth and told him to eat it for himself and only for himself but the apos were making kulit and the lolo can’t resist those cute smiles and gave in. hahahhaa… It was such a sweet sight.

    I made hubby, daddy and big brother a mug w/ mustache too, perfect for the coffee addicts.

    Happy Father’s day to your dad. I’m sure he’s having a real good time with your mom up there 🙂

  3. I never give much attention to Father’s Day, because I never really experienced having a father. My dad was an absentee one, who was simply (sorry for the term) a “sperm donor,” but nevertheless, I am amazed each time I see an entire family together, esp. when it is the Dad who carries his child when the child falls asleep. That’s why, inspite of my own experience, I still believe in father’s day–because there are still heroes in our midst, those who work hard for their kids yet still allot (not just find) really precious time to be with their kids & loved them just as he loved himself/wife.

    1. that it true, i am sure there are still a lot of responsible fathers out there who really strive to be the best father to their children, + i do hope you find one to marry + give your child{ren} a great father! 🙂

  4. unfortunately it was raining so bad on father’s day. I cooked spaghetti for my family but I don’t like the taste ( I am such a good cook.. haha) ended up asking my sister to run to Red Ribbon, we just bought food! 😉

  5. If I still had my dad, I’d treat him to a lavish meal though he’d probably would turn it down cause he’s such a simple person. Now that I’ve been living half my lifetime without him, I’d just say a prayer and thank him for helping me become the person I am today.

    1. my Papa is also just a simple guy, so am not sure what he’d feel about an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel, but I’d really cajole him so he can experience it! 😀

  6. Too bad I was not able to spend Father’s day with my dad. I just greeted him through the phone. Anyway, happy father’s day to all!!!

  7. This year’s Father’s Day is actually the first time we’ve celebrated for the past few years. My dad has been very busy even on Sundays and it’s nice that he was free last Sunday. We didn’t do anything fancy, just a simple but nice lunch with the whole family at Shi Lin.. 🙂 Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to your dad. I’m sure he’s happy up there, celebrating Dad’s Day with your mom.. ^^

  8. We just spent Father’s day at home and ordered some food from the nearby restaurant. I let hubby sleep the whole day and let him enjoy his much needed rest.

  9. I was away from home during Father’s day so I just sent my greetings via text. My dad will turn 60 this August so we’re planning a bday celebration for him. 🙂

    1. oh, cool! happy Father’s day to your dad + I hope he has a wonderful time celebrating his 60th birthday soon! 😀

  10. We just treated our dad to lunch during Father’s day. I tried making reservations at various hotels for their special Father’s day lunch buffet pero lahat full. So we opted to go early at Sambo Kojin para makakuha ng table because they can only accept walk-ins at ubos na rin ang tables pero it was on a first come, first served basis. hay ang aga namin for lunch. by 11am tapos na lunch namin.

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