a new domain for my sister, isabel!

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My sister, Isabel, is actually the more prolific writer between the two of us. She has written poems + stories {most of which I am not privy to read :(} which I believe should all find their way to getting printed! Can you tell, I am such a fan? Oh well, the thing is I have been coercing her to start her new blog for a while now, but she’s got one too many alibis. So you can just imagine my delight when she finally agreed.

I wasted no time + got her her own domain from GoDaddy.com. It was a good thing there was an ongoing promo at the time. By using the promo code h4hp99, I was able to purchase her very own domain at a measly $0.99! I spent $2.0, for additional few cents charges plus a donation to a very worthy foundation. If that wasn’t a good buy, then I do not know what is!

Anyway, I am delighted much to know that my sister is now tinkering with her brand spankin’ new blog, she’s actually published her very first post + the stage sister in me cannot help but be merry. I hope you find the time to welcome her into the blogging world, be such a darling + check out her new blog, silent conversations 😉

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