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I have read a lot of those fairy visits in the other blogs I frequent + wished that this fairy will pay me a visit one day soon! Fairies are one of my absolute favorite mythical creature, + I bet most of you do too. The child-at-heart in me will never outgrow the wonderful stories of fairy dusts, flying + magic! That is why I am very thrilled to find out that The Fairy Hobmother has also found his way into my mum blog {yup, he is a he! ;)} + has left me a gift so that I can get something for myself + the little man at Amazon. Am thinking of those washing machines or anything that would make doing household chores easier, but I’d really settle for a nice book or an educational toy that Jared will absolutely love! ;)

Oh well, thanks so much Fairy Hobmother for this wonderful treat + if you mums out there would like a visit from him, do not forget to leave your name, e-mail, + url in a comment below. The Fairy Hobmother is looking for more bloggers + who knows he will be sending fairy dust your way real soon, too! ;)

By the way, the fairy hobmother has also paid my other blogs a visit, so hop on to my travel blog + Jared’s Little Corner + get a chance to grab those fairy dust, too!

fairy image is not mine

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