Get into the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze and win P10,000!

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Ceelin Chewables is an orange-flavored, Vitamin-C tablet for kiddos. A dose of Ceelin Chewable tablet every day enhances the little ones’ immune system, increases their appetite and keeps sickness at bay, allowing them to enjoy more fun activities at home and in school. +, for more fun activites, Ceelin Chewables has recently came up with a new+ exciting craze that is sweeping the nation, the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze!

This online video contest, which is open for children ages 7-12 years old who love being in front of the camera,  has got all the kids singing, dancing and chewing. To participate, your cool kids will have to create a video of themselves (with a little help from mum or dad, of course!) lip-syncing to the cool tune of the Ceelin Cool Chew Song. Pepper your performance with some groovy moves + creative improvisation + your kids just may be on their way to becoming one of Php10,000 winners. The best videos will also star in the Ceelin official video, along with a secret guest celebrity.

Ceelin has been visiting elementary schools around the nation to further the excitement, tagging along their Cool Chew Crew, they travel around teaching kids the importance of eating right and drinking vitamin C through the Cool Chew Song.

Here’s how to join?

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You can also watch the video mechanics to get you all set or rehearse with the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze Practice Video to perfect your Cool Chew performance!

For more information and updates on the Ceelin Cool Chew Craze, you may visit the Ceelin Chewable Facebook Fan Page.

Get those videos rolling+ good luck! 😉

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    1. no problem, sis! good thing Vince is taking his vitamins. Jared has yet to make peace with these chewables + won’t even have a taste of the syrup one 🙁

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