how to raise a non-smoker

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Ever since I can remember I have been allergic to cigarette smoke, + would feel nauseated or dizzy whenever I accidentally inhale it!  So smoking is really out of the question + I simply cannot picture the little man to be a smoker in later years, not in my worst nightmare! Not even when  the odds are against me, knowing that smoking can be an inherited characteristic + the uncomfortable truth that both my Papa {in his time} + Jared’s dad are regular smokers,  Just thinking about the health hazards smoking presents is giving me the creeps. My father had complications of the lungs in his 60’s while Jared’s dad has been in the throes of smoking-related allergies + conditions for a while now. + being the stubborn that he is, I simply cannot make him quit no matter how much I talk him out of it. We’ve had discussions about the ill effects of smoking, as well as the threats of second hand smoke, especially to little children + I guess I have made my point clear one too many times, but my efforts were left in vain. He simply won’t quit!

Although, I have insisted on a “no smoking inside the house” or “no smoking where Jared can see you” rules, I am still rooting for a no smoking resolution as I know it will do him, as well as our son, only good in the long run. Imagine all the chronic diseases he can avoid, not to mention the money he can save, as well as the comfort + joy he can experience in having a healthier body. It is actually a win-win situation. If only I can make him see all the valid points I am stressing!

The most fool-proof way to teach little children is to set an example + the perfect way to raise a non-smoker is to be one, so I hope Jared’s dad will come to his senses soon. Oh well, maybe I can get him one of those electronic cigarettes from ecigarettedirect, which are better alternative for people who wants to quit smoking, maybe it will inspire him to drop smoking tobacco cigarettes real soon!

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  1. I know how it feels. My dad smoked a lot when I was growing up and it would always make me cough so badly. Thus I resolved to marry someone who did not smoke at all…

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